Walltopia Adventure

Walltopia Adventure

Founded in Bulgaria in 1998, to date the company has built more than 250 000sq.m. of climbing walls in 50 countries on 6 continents.

Walltopia builds climbing walls for the private, public and non-profit sectors, striving to provide the most up-to-date design and technology. The company is committed to continuous improvement of its operation and expansion of its portfolio of products and services in order to ensure high quality and contribution to client's success.

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We are introducing Walltopia Equipment Lease Financing Program designed to support business owners who want to continue their growth in 2021 with special payment terms.

The COVID-19 crisis presented an enormous challenge to all climbing and active entertainment businesses. Most of them were either closed or operated at limited capacity through 2020. As more of them are finally reopening the air is filled with the enthusiasm of both the visitors and the owners. The new financing program launched by Walltopia offers special payment terms for its clients signing a contract in 2021. It is open for new agreements for both climbing and active entertainment products.

The program can support eligible projects by deferring up to 70% of their contract value with Walltopia for up to 5 years with interest rate as low as 3%.*

There are no origination or prepayment fees.

Walltopia Equipment Lease Financing Program

* Terms and conditions may range depending on the country of the applicant, the project size, their credibility, risk and financial profile. Collateral requirements for special payment terms may require one or more of the following: retention-of-title, registered security interests, ucc filings, fixed and floating charges, personal guarantees and others. An application does not guarantee an approval.

The Application Process Requires the Following:

  1. Offer from Walltopia for climbing products or active entertainment products.
  2. Financial statements from the last two years for existing businesses and also tax returns.
  3. Business plan of the new project.
  4. Personal Credit Score for majority owner.
  5. Signed Application form.

Аll provided information would be used only for the purpose of obtaining special payment terms from Walltopia Equipment Lease Financing Program. All submitted applications will be treated in strict confidentiality.

To learn more about the program and assess the opportunity for your business, Walltopia invites you to visit its official page for the program or contact them at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Walltopia Equipment Lease Financing Program

Privacy Notice

Some of the information you present us with may constitute Personal data, such as identification data and some financial data. By doing so, you are actively giving consent by conduct to the processing of such data. You may retract this consent at all times by emailing our team, which will however limit your involvement in the initiative, as the information is needed to identify the applicant and conduct risk assessment of the application. In regards to the Processing of personal data within the Initiative, Walltopia’s Privacy Policy applies in full. Where there is Processing of personal data, the Administrator – Walltopia AD, will do so in full compliance with the applicable Bulgarian and European legislation. The Processing shall be conducted for the purposes of the initiative and will be limited within its active period. Please consult Walltopia’s Privacy Policy for more details on the terms of Processing and your rights as a Data subject.

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Tosho Associate Corporation

Walltopia announced that its partnership with Tosho Associate Corporation in Japan has been reinforced by signing a continuing distributor agreement last week.

Tosho Associate Corporation represents Walltopia on the Japanese market since 2015. Active Entertainment being increasingly popular in Japan, it comes as no surprise that the number of sports oriented Family Entertainment Centers produced by Walltopia for Japanese clients has steadily grown during these years.

“Walltopia Active Entertainment products are very attractive and in high demand. We have already installed them in facilities across Japan in 10 different locations,” commented Kensuke Namekawa, Director of Tosho Associate Corporation.

Tosho Associate Corporation

“We are delighted to share that Walltopia Fun Walls can be experienced by children and adults in 8 locations in the Hokkaido, Chiba, Niigata, Hiroshima and Fukuoka prefectures. Two big Ropes Courses can also be explored in the Chiba and the Fukuoka prefectures and the unique zipline roller coaster Rollglider® allows people to try the free flight feeling in the Yamanashi and the Fukuoka prefectures,” continued Namekawa.

“We are very happy to continue supporting Tosho Associate Corporation in their efforts to grow further the market and provide top quality attractions to their territory. Our partnership is an example of a perfect symbiosis of two companies that excel in their field,” said Zlatimira Bancheva, Head of Sales of the Active Entertainment division of Walltopia.

The partners are committed to continue proactively delivering attractive products and services and experiences that combine sports with fun and healthy doses of adrenaline to families and people of all ages in Japan.

Tosho Associate Corporation

Wednesday, 20 January 2021 07:25

Trampo Extreme

Play: Cbus Biggest Indoor Ropes Course in the World by Walltopia

This month we added another record to our collection, this time by topping our own achievement and creating the Biggest Indoor Ropes Course in the world for a second time. The newest record-holder is Play: CBUS, Ohio with the astonishing 129 different obstacles. This is 10 more than the previous record holder, the amazing Summit Ropes which we created last year. However, size is not the only distinctive feature of Play: CBUS. The owners of the centre managed to create a space which is inclusive and offers a bit of fun for everyone. To the words of Brian, the COO of the centre:

“We created a first-class experience
that anyone can enjoy – from toddlers
to adults and everyone in between.”

Ropes Course Obstacles, Play: CBUS

This concept of shared family fun and experiences through Active Entertainment is not new, but is proving increasingly popular. Moreover, it appears to be the missing, but vital link between healthy family fun and physical exercise. This makes spaces that manage to bring together several generations, which for Play: CBUS is increasingly valuable both to their customers and their communities.

Kids' Climbing Walls by Walltopia, Play: CBUS

Actually, Play: CBUS is Play Holdings’ second Active Entertainment Centre completely designed, engineered and produced by Walltopia. It includes not only the biggest Indoor Ropes Course, but also two types of Ninja Courses for those who want physical exercise and challenge, a boulder climbing wall for avid climbers, Fun Walls and a Kiddie Ropes Course for the youngest visitors and a zip-line for the bravest thrill-seekers.

To be honest, the most challenging part of a big project like Play: CBUS is not the scale, but creating a mix of attractions that achieve the right balance between physical challenge and entertainment, for people of different ages and interests – explains Konstantin Karamfilov, Product Manager for the Active Entertainment in Walltopia.

Ninja Course by Walltopia, Play: CBUS

Achieving this right balance is one of our core competencies and a closely guarded secret. However, what sure helps maintain it, is the company’s continuously expanding product portfolio and the extensive experience of its team of more than 40 designers and engineers who create every single project from the ground up.

Biggest Indoor Ropes Course in the World

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