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Adventure Trail Walltopia's Adventure Trail is an elevated playground that allows participants to experience the thrill of heights without the need of a harness. Its challenging tunnels of nets and obstacles are a great way to diversify any entertainment center, and deliver unique emotions in a safe environment.

Adventure trails can easily be paired with other attractions, or can be used on their own. Their structure is made to fit a vast variety of locations and provide optimal space utilization, while their design appeals to people of all ages.


The trails can be incorporated into a variety of indoor and outdoor locations. They can be suspended from the ceiling, self-standing or attached to other rides or attractions.

adventure zone Adventure

amusement park Amusement

family entertainment center Family Entertainment Centers

hotel Hotels

MALL Malls

recreational center Recreational Centers

resort Resorts

water park Water Parks

Design and Manufacturing

Adventure Trail Design and Manufacturing Each Adventure Trail is unique – an experienced team of 20 designers and 20 engineers create every single project from scratch, given the specific features of the available space. Accordance to all relevant European standards ensures the highest quality in the manufacturing process.


Installation and Maintenance

Adventure Trail MaintenanceOur installation and maintenance crew provides high-quality assembly, and makes sure adventure trails comply with all safety standards. Optional annual inspections by certified Walltopia technicians are recommended to ensure that the product's quality stays the same throughout the years.



High capacity

Low operational & maintenance costs

Great for space utilization

Appealing to all ages

Can easily be combined with other attractions

The Walltopia Adventure Trail is extremely flexible. It could easily be added to existing attractions, could be self-standing or suspended from the ceiling.
Adventure Trail Attached to a Ropes Course

Self-Standing Adventure Trail

Suspended Adventure Trail

Our team of highly skilled architects and designers is ready to tackle any theming challenge or idea that comes to mind – Jungle, Ocean, Space, Stone… you name it.

Golden Paradise

Concept Details:
Platforms:All combined
Number of Obstacles:13
Area:250 sq. m / 2691 sq. ft.
Capacity:200 people per hour
Theme:Golden Paradise


Concept Details:
Structure:Attached to existing structures
Platforms:All combined
Number of Obstacles:32
Area:768 sq. m. / 8266 sq. ft.
Capacity:360 people per hour

Rain Forest

Concept Details:
Number of Obstacles:5
Area:140 sq. m / 1507 sq. ft.
Capacity:120 people per hour
Theme:Rain Forest

Treasure Ship

Concept Details:
Number of Obstacles:9
Area:300 sq. m. / 3,230 sq. ft.
Capacity:220 people per hour
Theme:Treasure Ship

All Adventure Trails come with three types of ropes tunnels – round, square and triangle. Different elements inside the tunnels create the variety of obstacles and deliver different thrills.

Adventure Trail Houses

Adventure Trail Houses

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