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Ropetopia's uniquely designed ropes courses turn physical activity into a fun experience. They challenge flexibility, balance and strength in a thrill boosting way, while ensuring maximum safety in conjunction with several eurocode safety standards.

All Ropetopia ropes courses offer a wide range of difficulty levels that appeal to both children and adults. The brand's attractions are appropriate for participants as young as five years of age.


Ropetopia's ropes courses can be incorporated into a variety of indoor and outdoor locations. They can be suspended from the ceiling, self-standing or supported by columns.

adventure zone Adventure

amusement park Amusement

family entertainment center Family Entertainment Centers

hotel Hotels

MALL Malls

recreational center Recreational Centers

resort Resorts

water park Water Parks

Design and Manufacturing

Ropes Course Manufacturing Each Ropetopia ropes course is unique – an experienced team of 20 designers and 20 engineers create every single project from scratch, given the specific features of the available space. Accordance to all relevant European standards ensures the highest quality in the manufacturing process.


Installation and Maintenance

Ropes Course Manufacturing Our installation and maintenance crew provides high-quality assembly, and makes sure ropes courses comply with all safety standards. Optional annual inspections by certified Walltopia technicians are recommended to ensure that the product's quality stays the same throughout the years.




High capacity

Low operational & maintenance costs

Great for space utilization

Appealing to all ages

Can easily be combined with other attractions


Ropes Courses

Structure Styles

Ropetopia ropes courses can have two types of structures - modular or curved.

Hexagon Ropes Course

Ropetopia Hex

• Great for a stand-alone attraction
• Single or Multilevel course
• Multi-directional or linear layout
• Flexible design
• Modular Layout - vertical and horizontal expansion

Cube Ropes Course

Ropetopia Cube

• A perfect match with Adventure Trail
• Great for a stand-alone attraction
• Single or Multilevel course
• Multi-directional or linear layout
• Flexible design
• Modular Layout - vertical and horizontal expansion

Curved Ropes Course

Ropetopia Curves

• Endless design options
• Linear layout for higher throughput
• Utilization of complex footprint
• Theming possibilities


Support Types

Ropetopia ropes courses can be suspended from an existing structure or ceiling, or they can be self-standing.


The suspended Ropetopia ropes course offers high flexibility and optimal space utilization in facilities with high ceilings.


The self-standing Ropetopia ropes course is great for outdoor spaces. One of its main benefits is that it can have up to 5 levels of obstacles.

Belay Line

Ropetopia Linear Belay Line

Ropetopia Linear Belay LineRopetopia comes with the original Ropetopia Continuous Belay line – a system that allows safe and easy movement through the course. It is highly durable and has a low maintenance cost. It is designed, built and tested in accordance to EN 795:2012 standard, type D. It also follows the dynamic test requirements of CEN/TS 16415:213.


Ropetopia Modular Belay Line

Ropetopia Modular Belay Line The modular Ropetopia belay line includes a multi-way splitter which allows participants to choose which direction to take at conjunctions. Most importantly, the multi-way splitter allows staff members to quickly jump through different sections and provide assistance to visitors.

*The Ropetopia Modular Belay Line is not for sale in the USA.


Ropetopia offers a wide range of obstacles that challenge different sets of physical and mental skills such as strength, balance, coordination and confidence. Aside from the elements shown below, there are countless other options available. These elements can be used as a basis for custom obstacles made according to individual preferences.

Ropes Course Obstacles

Color Palette

Ropetopia ropes courses can be manufactured in a vast variety of colors that bring life into the structure and design. The structure, belay line and platforms of the ropes course can come in any RAL color, depending on design preferences or theming choice. Custom colors are available upon request.

Ropetopia Color Palette
Ropes Color Palette
Ropetopia Ropes Color Palette
Suggested Color Combinations
Ropetopia Aqua Combination Ropetopia Aqua Color Combination
Ropetopia Desert Combination Ropetopia Desert Color Combination
Ropetopia Green Forest Combination Ropetopia Green Forest Color Combination
Ropetopia Industrial Red Combination Ropetopia Industrial Red Combination
Ropetopia Industrial Yellow Combination Ropetopia Industrial Yellow Color Combination
Ropetopia Jungle Combination Ropetopia Jungle Color Combination
Ropetopia Sunny Coast Combination Ropetopia Sunny Coast Color Combination
Ropetopia Wonderland Combination Ropetopia Wonderland Color Combination

Sample Project


Staff Members
Additional Requirements
  • Steel supporting structure
  • Continuous belay line
  • Steel platforms or WPC decking
  • Various obstacles
  • Start/Finish platforms
  • Can accommodate additional levels and activities such as ziplines, freefall devices etc.
  • Prefabricated hot dip galvanized or primed and painted steel for outdoor/ indoor use
  • Self standing
  • Ropetopia Curved
550 sq.m (6000 sq.ft)
16 m
71 at a time
Personal Protective Equipment for all participants and staff


Check out some videos featuring Ropetopia ropes courses below.


Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of ropes are used?

We use playground combination ropes with 6x7 wire strands, which are UV and abrasion resistant.

What kind of wooden details are used?

We use pressure treated softwood and hardwood timber details. Can be primed and painted upon request.

wooden details

What are the characteristics of the platforms?

The platforms are metallic and are available in wear-resistant coating (may differ in color from the other parts). They can also be covered with wooden planks upon request.


What safety standards do the Ropetopia ropes courses cover?

  • EN15567 Sports and recreational facilities; rope courses
  • EN12572-1 Artificial climbing structures


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Ropetopia Brochure

Ropetopia Manual

Ropetopia Manual

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ROPETOPIA continuous belay system Certificate

ROPETOPIA continuous belay system Certificate


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